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As part of our VOLTPOOL complete solution we offer systems for e-mobility. This means that carports can be used as renewable energy producers. Due to technical progress and state subsidies as well as more investments into research, e-mobility has been developed a lot during the last few years. E-mobility is part of the turnaround in energy politics and offers more independence in terms of resource import as well as the minimization of economic risks. The big advantages of e-mobility are the reduction of emissions and permanently cheap mobility due to (almost) free recharge and many funding - opportunities also beyond the charging radius of your home.

With a PV-carport you can use green electricity to recharge your car. As a return you economize at least a carport for free as you can profit from cheap electricity and have additional income with the feed-in remuneration. The higher your self-consumption is, the more you gain, as self- consumed electricity is cheaper than that which is introduced into your system from the public electricity grid. No matter whether you charge your car with your self- produced electricity from your carport or weather you introduce this into your home system – the investment is always worth while!

We plan and dimension your carport-system so that you can profit from a maximum energy yield. If you are thinking of retrofitting a PV-charging station to your existing carport, we have to check the feasibility for each case individually. The statics od the “building” plays an important role. The authorization process is held differently in each state. A carport needs to be authorized by the community. Contact us and we will give you detailed information and support you with the realization of your carport.

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