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Voltpool Haussysteme
Voltpool Haussysteme
Wind Power
The energy potential from wind is caught by vertical or horizontal rotor-blades and transformed into electric energy by a generator within a mechanical process. Small wind turbines are used in residential areas. These can generate energy independent of weather conditions and seasons. A wind power system is a real alternative to photovoltaics.
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Solar Heat
The sun (solar) is pure energy. Parts of this can be transformed into warmth (thermal). Solar collectors capture the warmth of the sun on a concentrated surface and introduce it into a thermal cycle so that it can be used (in the household, for example).
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The photovoltaic (PV) effect, which is also known as photovoltaics, is a process during which visible irradiation from the sun (light particles or photons) are transformed into electric energy (volt). About 60 elementary solar cells constitute a PV module. Environment-friendly electric energy can be generated with a few modules which have been integrated into a system.
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Street Lighting
We select our street lighting systems according to important criteria such as exclusively renewable energy sources, modern and stable devices and components and specific security gadgets in order to guarantee their unlimited use in extreme climatic conditions. In our large portfolio we have included ideal lighting solutions for private and business customers.
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Solar Carport
A solar carport is more than a protection for your vehicle against weather conditions. Equipped with PV it becomes an energy generating system. This way, it is possible to provide an electrically powered vehicle with direct environmentally friendly energy. The energy can also be used in the house or fed into the public electricity grid.
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LED Light
The LED technology is a very efficient electric lighting technology. With an optimized temperature management LEDs are expected to work in conditions of normal usage for about 50,000 hours. VOLTPOOL relies on good and robust components which also anticipate the design for all areas of use.
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Infrared Heater
An infrared heater makes use of a very effective technology to produce warmth from electric energy. Immediately after switching on the device heat is discharged through radiation and reflection without warming the air. As opposed to common heaters, the infrared heater is an efficient way of heating with electricity.
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Heat Pump
A heat pump is a thermo-mechanical system which extracts low temperature thermal energy from the surrounding air, water or ground and emits it with a higher temperature after processing in a cycle. A heat pump is an excellent solution for the use of warm water or for supporting the heating system.
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Charging Station
A charging station is a piece of electro-technical equipment, i.e. an enlargement of a solar carport. The battery of an electric vehicle can be charged with locally produced energy. A charging station can also be used independently of a solar carport. VOLTPOOL generally relies on components which use the advantages of renewable energy sources.
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Hot water storage tank
A hot water storage tank is a container which is thermally highly insolated. It is suitable for the storage and output as well as the production of warm water. Depending on the thermal source other names such as buffer storage, electric boiler etc. can be applied. VOLTPOOL relies exclusively on technologies that use renewable energy sources such as solar collectors or heat pumps.
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Energy Management
The ideal organization of (optimally) self-produced energy helps to use this energy in an economic and consumer-optimized way. A gentle use of energy resources contributes to CO2 reduction and protection of the environment.
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In order to use electricity produced by photovoltaics and some wind systems in the household it needs to be transformed directly after it has been generated. The inverter is a device which transforms direct current into alternating current and renders it applicable for local electricity consumption. It also regulates the optimal network integration into the power grid.
Battery storage
A battery enables an effective storage of electric energy from renewable sources. This way electric devices can be provided with green energy even at times when energy production is impossible or insufficient. VOLTPOOL relies on three battery technologies: lead, lithium and vanadium.
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our services

We offer you competent and extensive technical and economical advice to all topics concerning your individual energy supply concept and its profitability. Take a closer look at our services, we have briefly sketched some of our consultations below.

Location analysis

Within our location analysis we provide you with information about the relevant factors and possibilities which go along with a modern energy generating system. We analyse your location, discuss your wishes with you and calculate the profitability of your system anticipating the defined factors.

Profitability analysis

Before you finalize your decision to invest in an energy system for self-supply from renewable sources it is necessary to calculate the profitability of your plans. The returns of your renewable energy system can vary according to weather changes, specific properties of technical components (efficiency of collectors, inverters and battery accumulators), orientation of the system and other factors. Comparing expenses and returns in advance makes sense in order to anticipate credits, running costs and other assets.

During the consultation we offer a non-binding and individual planning concept of your system in which we consider your needs and wishes. We choose high quality products from our portfolio and combine these with other technical components which enable the generation of optimum yields. For this we analyse the properties and surface of your roof, anticipate shadowing parameters and simulate the operation of your system. The profitability can thus be analysed and possible returns can be prognosticated. You receive this data and other information in your personal portfolio in order to have all your important information concerning your system at hand.

Feasibility analysis

Why is a system at exactly this location interesting? Have all necessary requirements for a system been fulfilled? Under which circumstances is it possible to install an energy system using renewable sources?

These are just some of the questions to which we find answers in the counselling and planning process.


Acquisition costs

Meterial and components are the most expensive factors of a system. Prices vary according to the specific qualities of the products. Monocrystalline modules are most expensive, thin film modules are cheapest. We will be happy to calculate which kind of modules are best for your PV system so that you can generate optimum yields. There is a strong competition between the products from China and those from Germany or the United States. Usually German products are the best in terms of quality. Inverters cost about 2000 €. You also have to consider expenses for the network connection and the counter which make up about 10 % of the entire expenses. Prices for battery systems lie between 6000 € and 15000 €. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you. We can make you a non-binding offer for your PV system.

Running costs

The running costs per years are about 2 % of the acquisition costs. These include contributions for the insurance, yearly expenses for the counter which shows you the amount of electricity which you have fed into the public network with your system and reserves for possible repairs or the exchange of faulty parts.


Turnover taxes, value added taxes, income taxes and trade taxes. These are the types of taxes you need to consider when you buy a PV system and intend to feed electricity into the public network. Please contact the tax adviser you trust for detailed information.


When installing a PV system, please consider three insurances
1.    Building insurance
2.    Civil liability insurance
3.    Solar system insurance

Please inform your building insurance about your PV system. The insurance does usually not cover this.


  • The value of your building will be recalculated as a PV system leads to a real estate value enhancement.
  • Please find out which damages are covered by your building insurance.
  • Please inform your building liability insurance about the PV system. Higher premiums are due.
  • Extend the coverage of damage with your liability insurance before installing the PV system. An event of liability may already occur during installation: damage of subjects (cars) or injury of passers-by due to parts falling down.

Please take out a solar system insurance. We have some offers in our portfolio. Usually this kind of insurance includes all damages, i.e. damages caused by improper handling of the system as well as default costs are all included in the insurance coverage.


During operation the technical data and components are regularly checked. Optionally you can book module cleaning with PV systems or maintenance of green spaces to avoid shadowing, for example.Supervision and maintenance are extremely important for the profitability of an energy system using renewable sources. Research has shown that only 20% of the operators who do not profit from these services have optimum yields. To insure the quality of your system it is not enough to simply have quality products. But this should be no problem for you. VOLTPOOL offers you all that you need to look after, maintain, repair and understand your system - even after the commissioning. Operation and Full Service – do consider us when planning your system and you will also profit from high quality standards after installation, no matter whether you generate your power from the wind or from the sun.



Trainings for operation

VOLTPOOL offers the operator and the owner of a VOLTPOOL system training possibilities once a month for up to ten participants. You can take part because your curious or because you want to take a part in the maintenance of your system. The trainings offer background knowledge to the components and their functionality and give a general understanding of the system. If you are interested please register by telephone or send us an e - mail. We will confirm your appointment.


Cleaning tasks occur from time to time with modules. This is especially the case when the tilt of the modules is not very steep or when they have been framed. The edges of the modules become dirty with deposits or dust which cannot be washed away by the rain. We advise you to clean your modules professionally with special equipment in order to optimize your returns. This way you avoid damage of the modules. Even bird droppings can reduce your returns as they can be compared to shadowing. We are happy to advise you about professional maintenance.

Repair and warranty services

In case of repair or warranty we collaborate closely with our manufacturers to ensure fast processing of our services. Contact us and we will assert claims under such warranty. In parts, the services are for free, if certain components such as modules or inverters are affected. For systems which have been realized by VOLTPOOL and go along with a specific contract for maintenance, we assume full services and repair as well as operation and stability of the system.

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Our services include

  • Competent consulting to technical and economic topics and your concept for energy supply
  • Cost-efficient dimensioning of your decentralized energy producers by our engineers
  • We select the most efficient devices and realize your system
  • We gladly support and consult you with any question concerning the financing of your system, tax or insurance
  • After the installation of your system we are available for your questions and queries
  • VOLTPOOL SERVICE takes over the technical operation of your system if you wish

Unsere Serviceleistungen umfasssen

  • Kompetente Beratung zu technischen und wirtschaftlichen Themen rund um Ihr Energieversorgungskonzept
  • Kosteneffiziente und kundenspezifische Dimensionierung einer dezentralen Energieerzeugungsanlage (Solar, PV, Wind, Speicher) durch unsere Ingenieure
  • VOLTPOOL Smart Home Systems übernimmt selbst die Fertigstellung Ihrer Anlage
  • Wir unterstützen und beraten Sie gerne bei Fragen rund um die Finanzierung Ihrer Anlage sowie deren Versicherung
  • Auch nach der Installation Ihrer Anlage stehen wir Ihnen für Fragen und Anliegen gerne zur Verfügung