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Voltpool Haussysteme
Voltpool Haussysteme
Wind Power
The energy potential from wind is caught by vertical or horizontal rotor-blades and transformed into electric energy by a generator within a mechanical process. Small wind turbines are used in residential areas. These can generate energy independent of weather conditions and seasons. A wind power system is a real alternative to photovoltaics.
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Solar Heat
The sun (solar) is pure energy. Parts of this can be transformed into warmth (thermal). Solar collectors capture the warmth of the sun on a concentrated surface and introduce it into a thermal cycle so that it can be used (in the household, for example).
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The photovoltaic (PV) effect, which is also known as photovoltaics, is a process during which visible irradiation from the sun (light particles or photons) are transformed into electric energy (volt). About 60 elementary solar cells constitute a PV module. Environment-friendly electric energy can be generated with a few modules which have been integrated into a system.
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Street Lighting
We select our street lighting systems according to important criteria such as exclusively renewable energy sources, modern and stable devices and components and specific security gadgets in order to guarantee their unlimited use in extreme climatic conditions. In our large portfolio we have included ideal lighting solutions for private and business customers.
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Solar Carport
A solar carport is more than a protection for your vehicle against weather conditions. Equipped with PV it becomes an energy generating system. This way, it is possible to provide an electrically powered vehicle with direct environmentally friendly energy. The energy can also be used in the house or fed into the public electricity grid.
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LED Light
The LED technology is a very efficient electric lighting technology. With an optimized temperature management LEDs are expected to work in conditions of normal usage for about 50,000 hours. VOLTPOOL relies on good and robust components which also anticipate the design for all areas of use.
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Infrared Heater
An infrared heater makes use of a very effective technology to produce warmth from electric energy. Immediately after switching on the device heat is discharged through radiation and reflection without warming the air. As opposed to common heaters, the infrared heater is an efficient way of heating with electricity.
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Heat Pump
A heat pump is a thermo-mechanical system which extracts low temperature thermal energy from the surrounding air, water or ground and emits it with a higher temperature after processing in a cycle. A heat pump is an excellent solution for the use of warm water or for supporting the heating system.
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Charging Station
A charging station is a piece of electro-technical equipment, i.e. an enlargement of a solar carport. The battery of an electric vehicle can be charged with locally produced energy. A charging station can also be used independently of a solar carport. VOLTPOOL generally relies on components which use the advantages of renewable energy sources.
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Hot water storage tank
A hot water storage tank is a container which is thermally highly insolated. It is suitable for the storage and output as well as the production of warm water. Depending on the thermal source other names such as buffer storage, electric boiler etc. can be applied. VOLTPOOL relies exclusively on technologies that use renewable energy sources such as solar collectors or heat pumps.
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Energy Management
The ideal organization of (optimally) self-produced energy helps to use this energy in an economic and consumer-optimized way. A gentle use of energy resources contributes to CO2 reduction and protection of the environment.
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In order to use electricity produced by photovoltaics and some wind systems in the household it needs to be transformed directly after it has been generated. The inverter is a device which transforms direct current into alternating current and renders it applicable for local electricity consumption. It also regulates the optimal network integration into the power grid.
Battery storage
A battery enables an effective storage of electric energy from renewable sources. This way electric devices can be provided with green energy even at times when energy production is impossible or insufficient. VOLTPOOL relies on three battery technologies: lead, lithium and vanadium.
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heat pump

Combining an air-water heat pump with the technology of photovoltaics, 3kWh thermal energy can be produced from 1kWh electric energy. This kind of system is suitable for the treatment of drinking water and can take over the complete warm water supply for up to two families. The existing heating system can be switched off during this period. The air in the storeroom in which the pump and the water storage are installed, is the thermal source. A positive side effect of this technology is the cooling and dehumidification of the room. Another advantage of the combination of PV with an air-water heat pump is that the existing components such as inverter and energy management system can take over the monitoring of this part of the system.

Functioning of a heat pump

During the cooling circuit the refrigerant absorbs heat from the thermal source (ground, air, water) and evaporates. The evaporated refrigerant is condensed in the compressor and emits heat through a heat exchanger. This heat can be used for heating purposes or for the treatment of drinking water. The refrigerator then liquefies and relaxes, the cycle can begin anew. VOLTPOOL relies exclusively on the most modern technologies and weather resistant components.



VOLT-Tech heat pumps

The energy yields of heat pumps differ according to the technology of the system which has been chosen. Accordingliy the process from planning to realization can be easy or complex. In normal residential areas the costs for initial investments vary strongly. A premium system can cost up to about 18.000€. Beneath this price range there is obviously a big variety. He output of the system is an important cost factor, but there are also other points such as the technical properties of the device and the installation efforts which play a role. A recent study, coordinated by the Fraunhofer ISE, elaborates on the composition of the future overall energy system in Germany with the aim to achieve the lowest possible overall costs and has shown that the electric heat pump will play an important role in the supply of thermal energy. The air heat pump will be the most frequently installed heat pump in Germany.
VOLTPOOL already relies on the most modern technologies of heat pumps that operate exclusively with renewable energy sources such as air and electricity from a PV system.
We would like to encourage the maximum local consumption of self-produced energy. This way the degree of independence will continue to rise. We would also like to share our positive experiences and exclusive advantages of which our customers can profit with you.

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VOLTPOOL quality

  • Our air-water heat pumps are suitable for the treatment of drinking water and also for the support of heating systems
  • First class COP performance values
  • Our air-water heat pumps can be combined very well with the technology of photovoltaics
  • Our air-water heat pumps have an electric heating rod for emergencies and fast re-heating